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Project Management: Tomorrow – Today – or still Yesterday ?

Whats the differences between Projects at that time and today ?

Projects exist as long as mankind has been around.

Be it the old Inca empire in South America, remember the fortress Machu-Picchu, or the pyramids in Egypt, or the Great Wall in China.

The former master builders have been architects, construction engineers and project managers. They have been real masterminds and geniuses in their subjects, converting visions into reality. The duration of their projects spanned over several generations.

Project Management of today is using sophisticated and standardized processes and tools applying software for effective planning, monitoring and controlling of projects. Without such software it would no longer be possible to realize large projects, like building airports, industry parks or, of late, the so called eighth wonder of world, the Palm Jumeira in Dubai, not to forget the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing.

The expectations to nowadays project managers are by far higher then just the knowledge of soft-skills.

Successful project management relies on:

  • Unified project management processes and methods
  • Comprehensive knowledge which is goes beyond Time-, Cost-, and Resource Management, like…
    • Risk Management as an important success factor
    • Communication Management being more and more important in international projects,
    • as well as Quality Management,
    • application of software (MS-Office-tools in combination with Project Management Informations Systems)

This creates the capability to meet time frames and to keep costs and project targets at a high quality level.

Our time has become ever so dynamic:

  • Product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter,
  • Markets are changing at a rapid pace,
  • Companies are reacting by restructuring their organizations almost on a yearly base,,
  • Mergers and acquisitions are a daily occurence.

“Project Management is the answer,
when changes and modifications are the only persistence and constancy.”

Get fit for tomorrow!

Save costs and increase your efficiency by applied Project Management and have more success in the competition. Your certified Project Managers and team members are not only working together with you highly motivated but also efficiently due to the right software.

Project clients and sponsors are getting transparent overviews about all projects. As manager you know the KPIs of all the projects and you are able, like a pilot in the cockpit, to make the right decisions for the next flight.

Your company knows the degree of maturity of your Project Management, uses continuous improvement processes, has qualified and certified project managers, as well as a Project Management Information System among other means for the support of resource planning.

New colleagues train themselves quickly on the basis of PM-manuals and known standards. Your company passed the last auditing according to ISO 9000/1 with flying colors, as a result of your ability to present constant and documented processes, also in Project Management. Your customers highly appreciate your company for meeting deadlines, maintaining quality levels, at the same time not exceeding costs.

How do you operate your Project Management ?

Pyramid Projects – “Your fitness coach for tomorrow”

7 January 2011 4:02 PM7 January 2011

Projektplanung, -Organisation und -Durchführung

Richtiges Planen und die dazugehörige Umsetzung wird heute nicht nur von Führungskräften erwartet. Als bewährte Arbeitstechnik zur Einhaltung ihrer Termine, Kostenziele und Aufgaben-Inhalte bietet sich Projektmanagement an.


  • Grundbegriffe des Projektmanagements
  • Standards zur effektiven Anwendung
  • Projektmanagement und Rollen der Projektbeteiligten in einer PM-Organisation
  • Initiierungsprozess, Planung und Durchführung bis zum erfolgreichen Abschluss
  • Zeit- und Kostenmanagement
  • Risiko-, Kommunikations- und Qualitätsmanagement
  • Projektportfoliomanagement
  • Übersicht moderner Projektmanagement-Systeme

Projektkoordinator, Projektmanager und Führungskräfte (branchenunabhängig)

Sa. 16.April 2011, 9:30h – 16:00

Nähere Informationen und Anmeldung bei KolpingAkademie Allgäu

15 December 2008 10:01 PM15 December 2008

4iT Software GmbH has developed a new software to create and organize your business processes. is a user friendly software to represent processes with all it´s datas around. We are happy to bring project management and process management together. With Easy Turtle we could quite easily visualize the 44 processes of the PMBoK® with it´s nine knowledge areas and five processgroups into a clear picture.  () Pyramid Projects supports the distribution and implementation of .

24 November 2008 4:33 PM24 November 2008
The power of project managers

Authorität eines Projektmanagers oder Projektleiters in einer Linien-Organisation im Vergleich einer Projektorientierten Organisation

12 October 2008 2:12 PM12 October 2008

PMBOK describes the meaning of “Historical Informations” as: Documents and data on prior projects including project files, records, corespondence, closed contracts, and closed projects.

11 October 2008 10:48 AM11 October 2008

Project Management Maturity Model (PMMM) Das PMMM ist angelehnt an das CMMI-Model der Universität Carnegy Mellon und beschreibt in fünf Stufen den PM-Reifegrad eines Unternehmens.

9 October 2008 2:49 PM9 October 2008

Thomas Reichelt will become new assistant lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Biberach/Germany. The demands of the industries in qualifications are getting higher and higher. The world becomes smaller and smaller. Global interaction is requested, also in project work. For a more efficient and common understanding the Project Management Institut has developed and issued the PMBoK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) as the bible for Project Management. This knowledge of standards will be tested and certified by PMI. […]

7 October 2008 6:57 PM7 October 2008

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