Needs of Project Management


What are your needs for PM ?

Critical questions within your project business:

  • Do you have a standardized process for your project business in place? Are these processes application supported?
  • Do you have defined communications processes to handle cross-departmental, -organizational, -company or -partner projects?
  • Are you using any central skill and resource database for easy profiling, resource allocation. Do you have any common resourcemanagement tool in place ?
  • Can you easily ensure, that every resource / project party kept up to date on project progress, projects changes and further activities?
  • Did your projects ever run out of budget? Do you have transparency over costs & used resources? How do you manage project profitability?
  • Does your management have a complete overview about all projects with a “fingertip”?
  • Is there any analysing or screening system in place to evaluate which projects have to be done in order to maximize the profit ?

If there are some “no´s”, enjoy exploring our website to see how it could work in your project business.

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