Shanghai 09/2008


Shanghai Xinxuan Management Consulting Co., Ltd. frequently organizes a so called PM-Salon as opportunity for project managers, senior managers and others to introduce, discuss and learn from each other.

20th Sept. 2008 Pyramid Projects has given a demonstration of his lecture for this community.
The topic was titled: “Success Factor Project Management with Usage of PMIS“.


  • Project & PM (Definition, warm up)
  • PM Maturity (PMMM, OPM3)
  • PM-Organisation (Content, roles and responsibilities)
  • Five processgroups from Initiating to Closing.
  • Project portfolio (Do the right thing at the right time)
  • PMIS (Covering the whole story by using a Project Management Information System)

The original blog of PM-Salon for this discussion and some more pictures you can find here: Thread of PM-Salon.

Pictures of the lecture:

20/Sept/08 Shanghai China