Fit4Global Projects


Fit for Global-Projects

International Project Work and – Communication

Business goes around the world. The world becomes smaller, project management faces new challenges. International projects require communication ways in a virtual team. You become familiar with technical possibilities under consideration of the cultural differences.

Target group:

You are project coordinator / project or program manager of an international project. Your team is spreaded around the world, speak different languages and has different culture.

You want to improve your communication skills and will learn how to use modern technologies to operate a non collocated project and virtual project team.

Targets of the Training:

The particpants will learn

  • about tasks, responsibility, power and authority of project managers
  • basic models of communication,
  • risks and barriers of communication,
  • to handle different cultures,
  • how modern communication technology can improve your project work,
  • finally to do successfull communication management with project team members and stakeholders around the world.


The trainer was responsible for many projects to transfer products and product lines to Brazil, Italy, Spain, Hungary and China. As PMO and administrator of a project management information system (PMIS) he has experience in IT-solutions and is used to work with different internet-tools for his project work.


Four hours with 15 minutes break
Number of participants: 8-12
Training classroom with Beamer for PC projection

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