Process Management


Managing and organizing of your processes

You are going to modelize, represent and manage processes ?

Process description, processes and process chains, process handbook, as well the listing of input and outputs of each processes are part of a comprehensive process modelizing and -managing. Not to forget to document the responsibilies and key figures and take notes about the overall documents.

We provide you the solution with EasyTurtle.

EasyTurtle substitutes all your database and spreadsheet programs, plus a drawing software to represent your process flows.

We are pleased to support you with demo-version or prepare a live demonstration.
Let us picture together one of your processes as an example.

Planungsprozessgruppe in der Prozesskette nach PMBoK

Process group Planning as part the chain (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring&Controlling, Closing). Please click the picture for zoom.

Following example show the contents of the “process group planning” according the most used project management standard guide PMBoK®.
The realisation could be created by the author  within a very short autoditactic time.

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