Fit for MS-Project – Crash-training for beginner

Target group:

You are project coordinator / project or program manager, you are using e.g. MS-Powerpoint or MS-Excel for planning and monitoring of your project activities? Probably you curiously tried MS-Project, but finally recognized that it is not a tool for just for “trial and error” by self-learning.
Finally you are going to do your project planning and -monitoring more professionel and efficient.

Targets of the Training:

The particpants will learn

  • the advantages of MS-Project,
  • to fix the necessary pre-adjustments of the tool,
  • the structure of a MS-Project plan (summary tasks, task, milestones),
  • to understand the differences between planning and monitoring phases,
  • to use the different input masks for planning and monitoring,
  • the application of baseplan, progress lines, critical path analysis,
  • the opportunity to shorten the project timeframe up to 30% by using “fast tracking” or “crashing”

The Training:

While you are attending the training you are team member of a virtual project. In a common brainstorming we are developing the work break down structure with all necessary tasks to deliver objects.

The structure can be created via “top-down” but also “bottom-up”. Together with the instructor as leader of the project the project plan will be created step by step. Interactively we arrange the sequence of the tasks, define milestones, analyse the task duration and finally developed the project schedule as Gantt-diagram. While applying the “critical path analysis” we are finding solutions via e.g. “fast-tracking” to reduce the timeframe extensively of the project.

After saving the base plan and executing the “Kickoff-Meeting” the execution-phase begins. This we will monitor by using MS-Project. In this connection we are simulating frequent project meetings and update the status into the plan, identify critical changes and find solutions.

The entire training will be accompanied by appropriate lessons, which explain the steps in detail. Furthermore the instructor shows you hints and tricks for a more practical and efficient use of MS-Project.


This training is designed for beginners with the time management in focus.
Cost management, as well as resource management is part of Fit4MS-Project II.

Basic Conditions:

Four hours with 15 minutes break
Number of participants: 8-12
Training classroom with Beamer for PC projection
Demonstration software version is MS-Project 2007

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