15 December 2008 10:01 PM15 December 2008

4iT Software GmbH has developed a new software to create and organize your business processes.

is a user friendly software to represent processes with all it´s datas around.

We are happy to bring project management and process management together.
With Easy Turtle we could quite easily visualize the 44 processes of the PMBoK® with it´s nine knowledge areas and five processgroups into a clear picture.  ()

Pyramid Projects supports the distribution and implementation of .

12 October 2008 2:12 PM12 October 2008

PMBOK describes the meaning of “Historical Informations” as:

Documents and data on prior projects including project files, records, corespondence, closed contracts, and closed projects.

11 October 2008 10:49 AM11 October 2008

Systematic management of projects, programs and portfolios in allignment of the strategic goals. OPM3 by PMI will help to increase organizational project management maturity to plan improvements It is based on a set of best practices OPM is based on the idea that there is a correlation between an organiszation´s capabilities in project management, program management and portfolio management and its effectiveness in implementing strategy. Based on 586 Best practices and 2109 capabilities.